Dear Investors

  • On March 28, 2019, Medican Ltd has completed the installation of the new Ethereum Blockchain. This Blockchain provides better reliability, speed and worldwide recognition which is a main benefit for investors.

  • All current wallets that have been opened including coins store in system are unaffected and will be automatically updated.

  • Medican Ltd has listed the MCAN coins on LAtoken exchange and IDAX exchange, so the users has the possibility of trading.

  • Medican Ltd wants to provide investors the opportunity to trade our coins in at least on 6 exchanges in two to three stages in order to obtain the rank of a leading crypto currency.

  • We apologize for the slight delay. However, we are confident for our success to provide members of the MCAN society with a better value added from the investment.

  • We need few more time to complete the negotiation and contracting the third Exchange which we assume it will be the best favourable parameters for the MCAN to start of trading and listing.

Medican Ltd

Medican ltd (BVI company number 1463187) is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands as a BVI business company on the 6th day of February 2008.

With an excellent team of scientists, unique cannabis species, advanced technologies, a robust scientific community, and as part of an R&D and distribution center, we expand our knowledge of cannabis in tandem with setting high research standards that shall aid our research efforts.

The Company Medican Ltd has got approval with few exchanges to list the coin in their platforms. First will be LAtoken and will be followed with few others.

Medican Ltd doing changes of the current block chain technology which is based on litecoin fork into Ethereum Blockchain.

Medican Ltd always trying to give the best services to the Investors.

The new blockchain installation will be completed by 18 February 2019 and all investors will be advised accordingly in due course.

European Institute of Medical Cannabis Research

Benefits for coin Holders

  • The Company offers Revenue Sharing to MCan’s coin Holders on a Monthly Basis.
  • The Company offers Dividend to MCan coin Holders on a quarterly basis.
  • The Company firmly believes in Capital Appreciation of the MCan coins(ICO).
  • The Company strongly feels in the Positive Appreciation of the Listed Share (IPO).

New Bonus system

Monthly Revenue Sharing

All MCAN coin holders registered at our system at the end of the date of every month (Time: 23:59) will automatically receive additional MCAN coin/s into their wallets as Monthly Bonus.

The formula is as follows:

  • For 1,000 MCAN coins holders will received 1 free MCAN Coin.
  • 2,000 will receive 2 free MCAN Coins
  • 3,000 will receive 3 MCAN Coins
  • Etc , etc

Quarterly Dividend sharing

All MCAN coin holders registered at our system at the end of the date of every Quarter (end of March, end of June, end of September, and end of December) (Time: 23:59). will automatically receive additional MCAN coin/s into their wallets as Quarterly Bonus

The formula is as follows:

  • For 10,000 MCAN coins holders will received 20 free MCAN Coins.
  • 20,000 will receive 40 free MCAN Coins
  • 30,000 will receive 60 MCAN Coins
  • Etc , etc

Extra Special New Year Bonus

We also come for 3rd exclusive new Year Bonus for those hold MCAN Coins. All MCAN Coins holders who registered holding at the year end 31 December time (23:59), this special Bonus only valid for MCAN Coins holders who hold 100,000 MCAN Coins in one wallet and Medican Ltd will give them an Extra Special Bonus of 10,000 MCAN Coins.

So, the calculation will be for total as follows

For example: At 31 December,hold 100,000 MCAN Coins

    The Investors will receive as follows
    Monthly bonus : 100 free MCAN Coins
    Quarterly Bonus : 200 free MCAN Coins
    New Year Bonus : 10,000 free MCAN Coins
    Total Bonus MCAN Coins : 10,300 free MCAN Coins

Initial Coin Offering

Medican ltd will issue virtual currency coins called Medical Cannabis (MCan) on the blockchain operated by a smart contract.

  • ICO

    31st of Aug 2018 (00:00 GMT) – Mar 23rd 2019 (23:59 GMT)

How to Buy MCan coin

  • 1. With Cryptocurrencies via ETH, BTC, XRP, or BCH

  • 2. With Fiat Currencies via wire transfer to a designated bank account.

  • Coin price:


  • Coin Symbol:


  • Minimum Purchase Per Person:

    €50 (=94 MCan)

  • Total number of coins

    5,000,000,000 MCan

  • Maximum Purchase Per Subscription:

    100,000,000 MCan

  • Pre-Sale:

    250,000,000 MCan

  • Fundraising Goal:


  • Main Sale:

    2,750,000,000 MCan

  • Accepted Fiat Currencies:

    EUR (€), USD (US$), GBP (£), YEN (¥), CHF, Indonesian Rp, Renmimbi

  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies:


  • Accepted Nationalities:

    Every Nationality,except The United States of America, residents of all country where USA embargoes and sanctions are in force, namely Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, or Cuba. More information in Terms of coin Sale.

Market Statistics

$8.28 B

Current Market Size of Medical Cannabis

$140 B

Global Cannabis Industry by 2027


Global Cannabis sale attributed to Medical Cannabis by 2025


Compounded Annual Growth Rate(CAGR)


CAGR Growth of Medical Cannabis from 2018-2024


Current Global cannabis sales attributed to the USA


By 2021, Global Cannabis Sales in Canada, Europe & other regions

Financial Projections

Financial Chart for MCan


Experienced Team

Our team of visionaries perpetually seek and deliver new medical innovation, that helps the recuperation of acute & chronic diseases.
Our team has four decades of experience in running successful publicly listed companies.
We have a world-class team of Scientists,Unique Cannabis Species and Advanced Technologies.

Demand for the MCAN coin

MCAN coin demand is driven by the growth of the user communities and usage of the coins on the platform.

Cannabis related business one of the fastest growing Industries

The medical marijuana market alone was worth $8.28 Billion in 2017 and is expected to grow to $140 billion by 2027.

Coin supply will remain the same

The number of coin holders (Influences, community members, the platform) will grow, while coin supply will remain the same.

How coin be Used?

coin holders will be able to use Medical Cannabis (MCan) to pay for services and products of Medican ltd at a discounted rate. Referral commissions will be distributed via smart contract to holders of Medical Cannabis (MCan) coins.

Coin Allocation

  • Available MCan (Pre ICO)


  • Available MCan (ICO)


  • M&A and Reserve Pool


  • Legal & Advisory


  • Referral Program


  • Team coins


Coin Allocation for MCan

Fund Allocation

  • Research and Development EIMCR


  • Production Facility


  • Acquisition/ Marketing


  • Licensing & Regulatory Compliance


  • Land & Security Systems


  • Greenhouse Installation


  • Other Costs


MCan Fund Allocation


We have concrete plans and teams ready to expand

RoadMap for MCan

1st Half, 2018

  • Project Conceptualization Started
  • Corporation with various blockchain specialist, advisors to form strategic alliance
  • Form Strategic Alliance with other Medical Cannabis Research and Cultivation companies

2nd Half, 2018

  • ICO - Pre-Sale & Institutional Sale
  • Pre- ICO 10% & ICO 50% of the coins will be distributed to expand EIMCR
  • Form strategic alliance with R&D departments in Universities in the area
  • Finalise discussions with Governmental figures

1st Half, 2019

  • Strategic Alliance with companies to produce MCan Products
  • Establishment of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities
  • Production of MCan cultivation Begins

2nd Half, 2019

  • Adding more and the very best Consultants, Doctors and Scientists.
  • Medical Cannabis harvest
  • All Production of MCan Products Begins


  • Aggressive expansion to 13 new countries
  • Expansion to new verticals, concrete plans set and teams ready to expand to 13 countries in 2 years.


  • IPO (Initial Public Offering in major Global Exchanges)
  • NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange (LSE).
  • Further expansion & Global dominance
  • Aggressive marketing in current markets to 8 more new countries in 2 years.
  • Expansion of Manufacturing Facilities in few countries.
  • Blockchain era continues……

MCan Refer-a-Friend Promotion

With the MCan Refer-a-Friend promotion, people who refer other potential investors to buy MCan coins are rewarded. After signing up, users will be presented with a tab in their personal client coin sale area called "Earn coins". You will be paid a 5% bonus of the coin amount that your friend bought which will be credited to your coin balance.


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