Aspen Holding a Scam on a Large Scale


The investigation is still ongoing, but it is already estimated that the losses resulting from the investment in Aspen Holding will be multi-million. So far, over 200 people from all over the country have signed up and have been cheated by the company.

The investigation conducted by the Sub-Carpathian Branch of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszów concerns unfavorable property disposal when purchasing bitcoin cryptocurrencies on investment platforms via the website.

Aspen Holding, through social networks, offered, among others investments in cryptocurrencies, after paying the entry fee, the interested person could register on the company’s platform. During the telephone conversation, the representatives contacting the investors found out that they had to install a freely available computer program for its remote operation, eg TeamViewer or Any Desk. While sharing the contents of their computers, the victims were not aware of the perpetrators' true intentions. The manipulated ones believed that their funds would be allocated to investments in cryptocurrencies, which were mentioned in previous discussions. Some of them, believing in the profit from such investments, took out loans for them.

To start cooperation, it was necessary to pay an entry fee of $ 250, which made it possible to set up an” individual investment account „. As a result, the aggrieved parties shared the contents of their computer’s memory and allowed access to online banking. In this way, the perpetrators made numerous financial operations using exchange offices or exchanges enabling the purchase of cryptocurrencies, the units of which were then transferred to specially generated cryptocurrency wallets. In each case, the victims were convinced that they invested their funds in cryptocurrencies or other assets via the platform, which could bring them a quick investment profit. In many cases, the victims also took out loans, re-authorized by themselves, but in the belief that the loan would be immediately returned to them with multiple profits. – explained the mechanism of the fraudsters' operation, the spokeswoman of the Subcarpathian police Marta Tabasz-Rygiel.

The investigation will not be easy, all domains, bank accounts, cryptocurrency exchange offices and other data on the company’s services are conducted and registered by foreign entities. Considering the scale of the fraud, the police asks victims of Aspen Holding to report to the nearest police unit, prosecutor’s office or directly to the Provincial Headquarters in Rzeszów.