A new stock market index for companies in the cannabis industry


The Israeli stock exchange released an index dedicated to companies operating in the cannabis industry at the beginning of this week. This is to intensify the development of trade in this sector.

For years, Israel has been at the forefront of countries that devote a large proportion of their resources to research into the use and effectiveness of cannabis. The export of medical marijuana, which enabled Israel this year for its domestic producers, is expected to bring millions of benefits to the state.

According to the stock exchange, the index is dedicated to nine currently listed companies that “mainly research, cultivate, sell or manufacture and market medical cannabis products”. According to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, the new index “is useful, inter alia, to indicate changes in trends in the market capitalization of its companies and as a benchmark for active mutual funds offering exposure to this emerging and growing sector, TASE decided to launch the index. “

The TA-Cannabis Index has a low market capitalization of 1.7 billion shekels (approximately $ 529 million).

More about the index on the Tel Avive Stock Exchange website

„The Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange Launches the TA-Cannabis Index” https://info.tase.co.il/Eng/about_tase/news/2020/Pages/PR_20201228_1.aspx