A project to develop a technology for the production of innovative construction materials made of wood is launched


The Issuer’s Management Board announces that on November 18, 2020 – it received a message from BIOMASS ENERGY PROJECT S.A. on signing the contract and notifying the commencement of the project implementation on 01/12/2020 under the co-financing agreement in the competition 1 / 1.1.1 / 2020. Fast track from NCBR. “The technology of using wood in need and wood splints for the production of wood-based material with high technical and mechanical parameters.” The patent for the device for “longitudinal wood shredding” belongs to BLACK PEARL S.A. PCT / PL2014 / 000046.

The conclusion of the contract is a continuation of the cooperation between BLACK PEARL S.A. and the following entities: POLDAN, BIOMASS ENERGY PROJECT S.A. which the Issuer informed about in previous reports.

The aim of the project is to conduct research leading to the development of a device in which the poles or wood pits move continuously, splitting simultaneously in many planes. The plant material is crushed into strands of fibers forming a “mat” of any small thickness. The obtained material, after drying and covering with binder, can be compiled into suitably formed piles and pressed into a beam or a board of practically unlimited dimensions.

As a result of the R&D works, a technology for the production of structural boards and beams with high technical parameters will be developed A prototype production line on a semi-technical scale will be constructed. The structural slabs and beams created in this way will constitute a product innovation on a global scale with technical and mechanical parameters significantly exceeding the parameters of materials currently available on the market.

Forecasts for the coming decades provide for significant changes in the quantitative and qualitative nature of the raw material base, therefore an excess of small-size wood should be expected with a significant deficit of large-size assortments.

Project budget: PLN 8,029,368.75.

Co-financing: PLN 4,817,621.25.