Black Pearl S.A. shareholders receive the virtual currency MCAN coin free of charge


The Management Board of the Issuer announces that it intends to provide the current shareholders of Black Pearl S.A. free of charge a package of 806,760 pieces (say: eight hundred six thousand seven hundred and sixty pieces) of the digital currency MCAN coin.

Each shareholder holding the shares of Black Pearl S.A. admitted to trading – listed in the NewConnect system – will receive, under certain allocation conditions, for each BPC share held: 2 (in words: two) MCAN coin – a digital currency currently listed on the Latoken Stock Exchange.

The regulations and conditions for the transfer of MCAN coin are available on the Company’s website. This action will enable the shareholders of Black Pearl S.A. to acquire, free of charge, a virtual currency recognized by the PFSA as a legal medium of exchange for goods or services. In simple terms: for each number of shares held on December 31, 2020 – each shareholder holding the Issuer’s shares in the portfolio will receive – upon notification of the will to receive, MCAN coin – a virtual currency in the quantitative parity 1BPC: 2 MCAN, on the terms of the statutory allocation.