CBD assisted chemotherapy

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Treatment of cancer with chemotherapy has become a very popular method of combating various types of cancer. The therapy consists in administering cytostatic drugs specially selected for the patient, which are administered through drips. Despite its effectiveness, the treatment also has its drawbacks. Cytostatic drugs attack cancer cells as well as healthy cells in the body.

Research conducted around the world has shown that cannabis can be helpful in the fight against cancer and the unpleasant effects of chemotherapy. Scientists from Jerusalem, and more specifically from the Hebrew University, conducted research on the use of CBD as an adjunct in chemotherapy. CBD was used to be able to deliver chemotherapy drugs directly to cancer cells. This made it possible to limit the effects of chemotherapy on healthy cells in the body and to reduce the amount of the drug needed.

The study was published in Frontiers in Pharmacology. Scientists have found that CBD can help target traditional chemotherapy drugs to specific cancer cells without affecting the body’s healthy cells. Thanks to the use of CBD in therapy, patients will be able to receive lower doses of drugs while maintaining the same effect on cancer.

“Most cancer treatments are not sufficiently targeted, meaning they attack healthy cells along with the malignant ones they try to get rid of. […] This leads to many serious side effects associated with chemotherapy. Eliminating cancer cells while leaving healthy ones alone is an important step towards [zmniejszenia]the suffering of patients. […] It is too early to make any specific predictions, but we hope this discovery will lead to a new, more targeted chemotherapy delivery method that it will drastically reduce the pain of patients”– said study co-author Professor Alexander Binshtok.

The study involved the use of CBD in combination with doxorubicin, a popular chemotherapy drug that can slow down or stop cell growth altogether. In the study, CBD acted as an activator of the TRPV2 protein, which is responsible for opening channels inside the membranes of liver cancer cells. Thanks to these channels, doxorubicin was able to penetrate the cancer cells without affecting the healthy ones.

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