Infrared heating has a positive effect on our health


Infrared – called life energy is used in healing. We treat ourselves with infrared even unconsciously, when we put our hand on a sore place or cover our eyes. The treatment with hands that are just emitting infrared radiation has been used for centuries by Indian yogis. The positive influence of infrared radiation was also widely used by Chinese natural medicine as early as 3000 years ago.

What is infrared radiation?

Infrared radiation was discovered in 1800 by William Herschel, who studied the solar spectrum. Using an accurate thermometer, he found that it “jumped out the highest” in places behind the red colour, where the human eye can no longer see anything. He correctly concluded that he had discovered an area of new invisible radiation, which he called thermal radiation because of its influence – infrared radiation at the point of its absorption causes the tissue to heat up, which gives the impression of heat.

Scientifically, infrared radiation (IR) is called electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 760nm to 1mm. There are three types of infrared radiation:

  • type A – near infrared with a wavelength of 760-1400 nm,
  • type B – Infrared medium length 1400-3000 nm, and
  • type C – Far Infrared with a length of 3000 nm-1 mm.

IR is part of the radiation emitted by the sun, together with
ultraviolet radiation as well as visible light. In addition, infrared radiation emits any physical body that has a temperature higher than absolute zero. The higher the object’s temperature, the shorter the wavelength and higher the emitted power of the heat source.

Infrared therapeutic properties

Infrared has biosimulatory and health properties, hence its application in the case of muscle pain, treatment of injuries and inflammation and shallow circulatory disorders. With its help, it can treat such diseases as: skin diseases, muscles, sciatica, high blood pressure, stress, fatigue, rheumatism, headache, arthritis, insomnia, colds.

Infrared energy has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, water-electrolyte balance, secretory function of kidneys and many other glands. In addition, it reduces muscle tension, reduces nervous excitability and receptor sensitivity, which makes it soothe and analgesic.

Infrared and beautiful and healthy skin

Infrared radiation cleanses the skin and subcutaneous tissue of toxins and eliminates cellulite. The use of infrared not only has a health effect on the skin, but also significantly accelerates the metabolism, thus supporting slimming.

Infrared also stimulates the production of collagen, which is responsible for beautiful and firm skin in our body. It opens the pores and speeds up blood circulation, which results in faster absorption of cosmetic preparations applied to the skin, increasing their effectiveness and supporting the penetration of active substances into the skin. The skin gains healthy colour, becomes smooth and velvety.

Allergy friendly infrared heating

Infrared heating does not affect the air, thus reducing its circulation in the room.

This issue may prove particularly attractive for people who are allergic to dust – infrared heating does not move curtains, does not pick up dust from the floor and, most importantly, does not itself harbour mites and bacteria (which settle on traditional radiators).

Since infrared heating heats the walls and the air temperature is 2°C lower than the ambient temperature, there is no problem with humidity and moulds, for which there is no favourable environment to develop, as in the case of convection heating.

What about the theories on the harmfulness of infrared radiation?

In heating technology, we are dealing with far infrared in the temperature range from 5° to 100°C, i.e. radiation that easily absorbs water particles, most of which are made up of the human body – that is 70%. This is why we feel the thermal effects so quickly and effectively, without any harmful effects on health.

Thanks to appropriate tests carried out by the manufacturers before the heating panels are released for sale, the power generated by the radiators is not high and the value of electromagnetic radiation is so small that it does not disturb the natural rhythm of human body work.

There are, of course, infrared wavelengths that are harmful to humans – this is mainly the near infrared (0.8-2.5 μm range). This is radiation that can be harmful in certain doses. An example is, for example, the temperature of heated cast iron in foundries, which can even damage the cornea by burning, it is also necessary to wear protective masks.

This type of infrared radiation is not used in panels or heating mats, as we would not be able to withstand this temperature for too long. Therefore, to achieve the so-called “comfort temperature” safe solutions based on far infrared are used.

Infrared radiation is simply heat, without which there would be no life on Earth.