MCAN eco

In the interests of the environment!

We are changing the world by investing in state-of-the-art green technologies from the renewable energy sector and energy efficiency in construction and everyday life. We are making every effort to spread the idea of using solutions that are inherently more environmentally friendly. Moreover, we are open to cooperation with companies and people with innovative approach to business using blockchain technology.

Invest in green energy and RES with MCAN coins, become part of the MCAN Community and protect our planet with us!


Polish energy and industry are highly dependent on fossil fuels – coal and oil. Replacing them with renewable energy sources, including wind and solar energy, is not a dream today but a necessity. An excellent solution may be the widespread use of solar energy not only in households, but also in businesses and industry. Photovoltaic installations are reliable and safe. They are environmentally friendly. They do not generate noise and pollution. Moreover, they can also be a source of additional profit when selling surplus energy to the external grid. The combination of blockchain technology with a system for generating profit from power generation offers new investment opportunities.

There are a lot of disputes around the world about what is best invested in. Some people only care about a high rate of return, others pay particular attention to the security of the investment and the degree of risk of the whole venture. One of the best and most durable goods is land. Investing in building land is not only the safest way to invest money, but also a profitable venture, bringing spectacular results in a relatively short time. Generating financial profits with the use of MCAN currency when buying a property is an innovative approach to investing.

Land & Real Estate

Passive and
Energy-Efficient Houses

Today, it has become a necessity to create self-sufficient objects, obtaining energy and water from the environment. This is why, on the one hand, the awareness of investors is increasing and, on the other hand, the requirements imposed on the construction industry are becoming much stricter. The question of how to significantly reduce daily expenses related to the use of the house is also important. Energy-efficient houses, and above all passive houses, allow for really considerable savings in this respect, so it is worthwhile to take an interest in this green building technology. Moreover, the possibility to purchase with MCAN gives new options for generating profit and contributes to the change of approach from local to global. Anyone can invest using MCAN chain.

The selection and installation of appropriate heating in residential or public buildings has so far been a real challenge: on the one hand, some installations require a lot of space, on the other hand, they can be very costly to install and operate. Fortunately, there is a modern solution available on the market, in the form of infrared surface heating, which is not only much cheaper, but is also ecological, energy-saving and healthier for our organisms – it kills fungi, mites, does not raise dust. Ecology, health, technology, MCAN rebate systems, implemented holistic structures, behaviors already at the design stage, all of this encourages the creation of positive energy, gives joy and financial health.

surface heating

Movie industry

The audiovisual sector is of major cultural, social and economic importance. The Polish film industry is diversified and creative, and the national film heritage is recognised by the community and has inspired filmmakers and their works for several generations. However, despite the fact that Poland successfully produces many diverse feature films, most of them do not reach all potential audiences in Europe, let alone the local market. Therefore, investment support for the Polish audiovisual industry is crucial, not only by film institutions, but also by private investors. Thanks to the MCAN Community every person can become a film producer. He can feel the influence of the idea on the thought and image of the created well-being, which is the fulfillment of the holistic application of MCAN and in addition to financial benefits, also gives emotional satisfaction. Cinema stars become business partners and community members.