Infrared surface heating

Infrared heating is a modern way to increase thermal comfort in a house, apartment and public building. The revolution in the branch of modern and economical house heating, which has been going on for some time, has caused a rapid increase in interest in this energy-saving and ecological solution. This type of heating fits into the MCAN ideology, therefore heating mats can be purchased by financing them almost entirely in MCAN coin.

How does infrared heating work?

Infrared energy is nothing more than the energy of radiation moving in the form of electromagnetic waves. The process of infrared heating is based on its ability to reflect, refract, focus and absorb. Unlike traditional (convectional) radiator heating, infrared heating does not heat the air, but objects, walls and people in a certain place inside and outside the room. This makes it more efficient, the heat is felt almost immediately and no mites or dust can float in the air.

Infrared heating is beneficial for people with rheumatic bone and joint diseases. It improves the comfort of life for the elderly. The MCAN community fully supports the idea of a holistic aspect of health and life culture.

The advantages of infrared heating:

New to the market - NanoHeat ceramic mat!

In order to heat larger areas such as living rooms, churches and fairly airy places, we recommend the use of an absolute novelty on the market in the field of infrared surface heating – NanoHeat mat. The mat gives a power of 260 W and heats up to 60 degrees C. It is made in a different technology than ceramic mats. It does not have single heat bundles, but it lights up with infrared radiation on its entire uniform surface.

carbon fiber
Ceramic layer
Ceramic layer

Pay at MCAN

Already today you can buy selected infrared heating mats by paying 50% of its gross value in MCAN coin (currently accepted rate: 1 MCAN = 1 USD, which with the increase of MCAN price on the exchange will be adjusted accordingly).

Medican LTD will burn (destroy) 50% of MCAN tokens received. The remaining 50% will be frozen for a period of 2 years (for 2 years they will not go on the exchange).

Don’t poison the air in your area. Do not contribute to smog! Warm up your home for free with pure life energy with infrared heating mats.

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Market statistics

Until recently, few people were aware of the existence of infrared surface heating and, consequently, few people used it. Today, this modern method of heating various types of rooms is becoming increasingly popular and many people decide to buy it. No wonder, because infrared heating mats are an excellent and financially advantageous solution for all types of rooms.

The project is carried out in cooperation with CarbonHeat sp. z o.o. company – general distributor in Poland of ceramic heating foils using infrared technology. The company also specializes in surface and infrared panel heating installation.

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