MOVIE Industry

Poland is a country with a rich film tradition and a dynamically developing audiovisual market. The talents of Polish filmmakers are appreciated all over the world, as exemplified by numerous international awards.

Film production is not only an artistic challenge, but above all an organizational one. Obtaining funding for film production is a difficult task in almost all cases – regardless of whether it is sought by a young creature just making his first film or an experienced director with an impressive filmography. That is why an important role in film production is played by the producer.

Filmmakers who appreciate the deep content and message that comes from the screen during the broadcast very often do not have the opportunity to realize and reveal their valuable ideas. Excellent film productions are lost among many others, often average and bringing nothing special to culture or art. Thanks to MCAN’s cooperation with Mushchelka Group and your support through MCAN currency they can count on being exposed to a wider audience. They can exist.

Create with us the magic of the cinema

Thanks to the MCAN Community you can become a film producer. You can feel the influence of thought on the image of the created work, which is the fulfillment of humanity in the highest form of a combination of sound, image and holistic movement to use MCAN as a means to connect the communities of the world. Thanks to that, apart from financial benefits, you will also achieve emotional satisfaction and pass on part of yourself to the next generations – because the picture lives forever.

In order to become a member of MCAN Community and a film producer it is enough for you to purchase with MCAN coin shares in films produced by Mushchellka Group, a recognized producer on the Polish film market, who joined the currency chain as a patron of art.

Mushchelka Group means professionalism, efficiency, commitment and objectivity. The company’s activities cover several areas – music, film and literary publishing, film distribution and film production, which includes television programmes, music videos and cinema films. With the help of these tools, the Mushchellka Group facilitates the realization of valuable authorial projects of various artists and performers. It supports the best.

Sample projects of Mushchellka Group

Comedy "Ostatni klaps"
directed by Gerwazy Regula.

The film had its premiere on 22 May 2015. ” Ostatni klaps ” combines a rubish humour with subtle references to literature, culture and art. The film gently emphasizes the importance of dreams, for which it is never too late to come true. The leading roles were played by: Mariusz Pujszo, Marek Włodarczyk, Piotr Zelt, Zbigniew Buczkowski, Michał Milowicz and Maja Frykowska. The film was available in all cinemas and multiplexes in Poland. It was awarded at the Polish Comedy Festival in Lubomierz, Bronze Grant. In 2015/2016 the film ” Ostatni klaps ” was distributed on all VOD platforms, and from 2016 to the present day it is distributed by the largest distributor in Poland – Kino Świat. Currently, “Ostatni klaps” is also available on the YouTube platform.

The sensational drama "Git"
directed by Kamil Szymański

The sensational drama "Git"
directed by Kamil Szymański

The film had its premiere on 13 November 2015. “Git” is a strong male cinema, a sensational drama revealing the dirty world of prison scores. Brutal murders, power struggle and fear, which provokes the worst crimes. “Git” is an interesting attempt to bring the viewer closer to the prison reality and, by the way, create interesting psychological portraits.The main character is played by Włodzimierz Matuszak, with Arkadiusz Detmer and Grzegorz Kowalczyk as partners. The film won the Best Script Award at the Los Angeles World International Film Festival. In 2016, it was selected at the Kołobrzeg Sensational Film Festival. In 2015/2016, the film “GIT” was distributed on all VOD platforms,and from2016 to the present day it is distributed by the largest distributor in Poland, Kino Świat. Currently, “Git” is also available on the YouTube platform.

Invest in MCAN

Currently Mushchelka Group is making 2 feature films, for which the possibility of buying shares in the film and its future profits using MCAN coin will be launched. The sale of shares in the films will start soon, just after their budgets have been approved.

Comedy-drama<br> "Chrzest"


directed by Jakub Skoczeń
in which well-known Polish actors will play and Katarzyna Figura will play the main role. The film is co-financed by the Polish Television and PISF. The production will end in November 2020.
Adventure feature<br> movie  “Apokryf”

Adventure feature
movie “Apokryf”

directed by Krzysztof Lang
with a worldwide cast. International production will take place in Sudan and Egypt and will end in 2021. The screenplay of the film was created on special commission from Mushchellka Group.

Investment in film production is a good investment of capital. Already today you can become a part of the MCAN Community and profit from the income from films produced by the Mushchelka Group.

Soon there will be an opportunity to invest in the latest projects of Mushchelka Group - "Chrzest" and “Apokryf” films. The exact budget, financing and proposal of MCAN currency payments will be given at the start of each production.

The dividend from the profit from the investment will be fully paid to you in MCAN coin. Payment of the dividend will depend on the specific production - detailed information will be given at the start of production.

Medican LTD will burn (destroy) 50% of MCAN tokens received from the investment. The remaining 50% will be frozen for a period of 5 years (for 5 years they will not go on the stock exchange).

Invest in valuable projects that stand out from other cinema productions and create the magic of cinema with us!

Market statistics

The film market is becoming an increasingly friendly environment for entrepreneurs
and investors. Film is not only a pleasant entertainment for society, but also a way of doing business. The audiovisual market in Poland is currently worth over PLN 5 billion, and the value of film budgets made with the support of this institution has more than doubled – to over PLN 200 million a year. Therefore, the answer to the question “Is it worth investing in it?” seems to be obvious. MCAN is freedom
and soul-centered earning.