Message for MCAN tokens holders on the IDAX exchange


Owners of the MCAN currency who transferred funds to the IDAX exchange,

Medican LTD has learned about the difficult situation of clients who have their MCAN currency units on the IDAX. From that moment on, we are constantly working on an appropriate solution that will allow our investors to get out of this situation. Unfortunately, the IDAX is in a state of bankruptcy and there is no possibility to contact the management. We will not leave you without help – we are looking for solutions to the problem.

Therefore, we kindly ask the owners of MCAN coins who have their funds on the IDAX exchange to send us screenshots from the exchange, which confirm the amount of MCANs owned (below we present a complete instruction). In the case that it is not possible for you to log on to the IDAX exchange, each case will be dealt with individually.

We will inform you about the next steps in the following messages – please watch our profile

Instructions for creating screenshots:

  1. After logging into your own IDAX account at , please click on ASSETS in the menu and select SPOT ACCOUNT.
  1. After clicking, a tab will appear where you can see the status of your wallets for each currency/token. Please enter the abbreviation MCAN in the search engine.
  1. You will see the amount of MCANs you have in our account. From this view, please take a screenshot according to the example above. It is important that the screenshot from this board shows the email address in the upper right corner (on example the address is covered with a blue colour).
  1. Then please go to the Deposit History tab.
  1. Take a screenshot according to the above example. It is important that on the snapshot you can see the email address in the top right corner (covered in blue on the snapshot) and a list of all the MCAN deposits that have appeared in your account.
  1. In the next step you should go to the Withdrawal Records tab.
  1. There you will see all withdrawals that have been made from your account. Please take a screenshot according to the example above. It is important that you can see your email address in the top right-hand corner (covered in blue in the snapshot) and a list of all MCAN withdrawals that have appeared in your account
  2. Please send the set of the three screenshots above from an email address compatible with the email address in your IDAX account to After verification of the screen-shots we will inform you about their correctness.