Silver coins for MCAN coin holders


Management Board of Black Pearl S.A. informs that Medican Ltd. – the creator of MCAN coin – will make available to the Management Board of Black Pearl S.A. in January 2021. 1 oz silver bullion coins. each (in words: one troy ounce) of pure metal, with the image of the 17th century Galleon on the obverse and the silhouette of an Eagle from the period 1919-1927 on the reverse, with the face value of the 1MCAN coin.

The coins will be given free of charge to MCAN virtual currency holders. The condition for receiving it is to have 10,000 (ten thousand) MCANs in the wallet at:

For holders of smaller amounts of MCAN coin – silver coins will be randomly selected. The number of coins for 2020 distributed in 2021 is limited to 100 pieces. The value of pure silver in a coin is determined by market price for for an ounce of silver.

The silver was purchased at the Mint of Poland.

The regulations will be published on December 31, 2020. For BPC shareholders who wish to receive MCAN coin acc. key of 2 coins to one share, it will be possible to take part in the draw of MCAN silver coins organized for this purpose in February 2021 and direct allocation at the threshold of 10,000 MCAN coin – the amount equivalent to holding 5,000 Company shares admitted to trading on NewConnect. It is enough to declare the will to receive.

Each subsequent year, the coins will be bought back from their holders for a minimum price of 1000 MCAN for one copy – by the Issuer. Or, the repurchase will be auctioned by a portal for circulation currencies organized for this purpose.

Resale of silver coins will be voluntary with a guaranteed minimum repurchase price per item. In 2021, it will be 1000 MCAN for one coin – allocated in the same key with guaranteed buyback.

The intention of Medican Ltd – in the near future, is to bring the price of 1MCAN virtual currency currently traded on one Exchange, to the price of the 1MCAN silver coin, i.e. at least one ounce of pure silver.

Each year’s edition of coins will be limited.