MCAN comes into play. Black Pearl S.A. joins the group of companies in the gaming industry by launching an internet platform.


The Issuer implemented the first stage of the „Gaming Platform” project, on which it enabled Medican Ltd. to provide users with over 30,000 games – access to which can be obtained by everyone for free of charge 10,000 CrazyMcan points assigned upon registration. On the website, it is possible to exchange CrazyMcan points for MCAN according to a conversion rate updated in real time.

The purpose of the above-mentioned activities is to expand the Company’s operations to new market sectors in the era of the Covid-19 Pandemic, as well as to popularize the digital currency MCAN coin, which is a strategic asset of the Issuer.

Black Pearl S.A. supports activities aimed at diversifying the society of preventive isolation and improving the duration of compulsory restrictions.