MCAN supports the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity


This year’s finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity aims to raise funds for head diagnostics, ENT and otolaryngology. For the 29th time, Jerzy Owsiak and the entire company of donors and sponsors will collect funds, which in the previous years totaled PLN 1,313,000,000. The action conducted by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity helped in the purchase of over 65,200 devices that saved lives. We are honored to join the group of donors this year and donate to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity one of the unique silver MCAN coins. The auction concerns 1 silver MCAN commemorative coin, which is to be awarded to a selected group of investors this year. The coin weighing 31.1 g, made of the highest quality 999 silver, was minted in a mintage of 100 pieces. The obverse of the coin is a Galeon from the 17th century, and the reverse is the Coat of Arms of Poland from the period 1919-1927. The auction runs until February 9, 2021.

The MCAN community, made up of companies and investors, believes in the need for innovation in medical products and equipment because they know how important it is to improve the quality of life of young and older patients. Investments we make in this direction will not only be fruitful for us, but will also benefit society as a whole. The development of the holistic medicine sector and innovative medicinal products will allow for the provision of high-performance healthcare.

We strongly encourage you to participate in the MCAN coin auction, as well as in other auctions for the benefit of Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Every zloty matters when it comes to saving human life.