Medican LTD honored with the Gold Medal of the Polish Academy of Success


True leaders don’t look at what’s best for their businesses. They look at what’s best for the world. We meet such leaders among the members of the Polish Business Club. A great opportunity to reward companies and individuals who have contributed greatly to the development and promotion of the Polish economy was a Special Ceremony organized by the Polish Business Club to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Club and the 100th anniversary of Polish entrepreneurship.


On 1 March 2019 in the Royal Castle in Warsaw met members of the Club and the Polish Success Academy Foundation, laureates of previous editions, supporters and people connected with business activity, which is at the heart of the good of Polish entrepreneurship, especially small and medium family businesses. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the government, local authorities, NGOs, science, culture and sport.

During the ceremony, the Academy of Polish Success awarded gold, silver and bronze medals to outstanding Poles and outstanding companies that have a significant impact on the development of the economy, show social commitment, build relationships with consumers of products and services, as well as support local communities, initiatives, entrepreneurship, and conduct or support charitable activities.

Janusz Skopowski, the founder and CEO of Medican Limited, was honoured with a gold medal for “charity work and promotion of holistic medicine in the world and introduction of innovative herbal cultivation systems integrated with modern payment systems”.

During the jubilee Special Ceremony of the Polish Business Club the most valuable awards of the Polish Success Academy – “Ambassador of Polish Business”, “For activities for the common good” and “Heros of the Polish Economy” – were presented. Moreover, special awards were also granted – Gold Medals with a diamond of the Polish Success Academy for many years of activity for the benefit of Polish science and sport.

The event was honored by the performance of the State Folk Song and Dance Ensemble MAZOWSZE and Alicja Majewska accompanied by Włodzimierz Korcz.

The Association of the Polish Business Club is an economic organization, which was established on the initiative of Polish entrepreneurs, bringing together representatives of business, science, culture, as well as diplomacy and sport. The mission of the association is to activate the economy in all aspects that may concern the economic condition of companies and to support the processes of economic integration of European countries. The Polish Success Academy Foundation is an extension of promotional activities conducted by the Polish Business Club Association. The Academy is created by people who, by their example, prove that success, also on an international, world scale, lies within the limits of Polish entrepreneurs, artists and sportsmen; who, by their example, can encourage others to reach for the laurels.


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