The hemp company, backed by David Beckham, will enter the London Stock Exchange


Cellular Goods, a cannabis company backed by David Beckham, will reveal details of its debut on the London Stock Exchange this week.

Cellular Goods is a company dealing in the production of biosynthetic cannabinoid products for body care and regeneration especially for athletes that plans to sell its shares on the London Stock Exchange. It sold a minority stake to BD Ventures, an investment firm owned by David Beckham. The investor believes that the use of the recently very popular CBD in the production of consumer goods offers attractive growth prospects for his investment portfolio.

The company uses biosynthetic cannabinoids in its products, i.e. those produced in laboratories. The use of synthetic cannabinoids in the production of care products is quite common practice. Preparations manufactured by Cellular Goods will be available to customers from September 2021. Last year, the Financial Conduct Authority approved the possibility of listing cannabis companies on the London Stock Exchange as long as they obtain a medical application.

It will be the first company of this type to debut on the London Stock Exchange.

“There has been a tremendous increase in the awareness of the importance of well-being and self-care over the past few years. We believe that cannabinoids will prove to be the king of wellness ingredients. […] The appetite for cannabinoid products is huge, and the biosynthetic cannabinoids that we will exclusively use are cleaner, greener and, frankly, are the future. ”Said Alexis Abraham, CEO of Cellular Goods.

According to a report published in Davos, the European cannabis industry is estimated to be worth EUR 123 billion ($ 140 billion) by 2023.